Organic Cilantro

SDA Spice, capable of producing organic herbs such as organic cilantro, gives you the very best, fresh cilantro useful in many ways. Common in Latin, Asian, Indian, and Caribbean cooking with organic cilantro adds a hearty flavor and aroma to any dish.


Organic cilantro is a very useful herb for a variety of cooking. Cilantro comes from the coriander plants which blooms flowers, white and pinkish in color that are home to very flavorful seeds that can be eaten roasted as a significantly healthy snack. The leaves of the cilantro plant also prove beneficial to culinary needs. Pure organic cilantro can be used in salsa, mixed green salads and also guacamole.


The abundant agricultural fields home to SDA Spice, abundant in sunshine and warm weather makes our fields the very best for supplying the purest organic cilantro. .





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