sweet paprika


Organic Sweet Paprika

Setting itself apart from many other spices and herbs, organic paprika comes from bell peppers. When these peppers are grinded and ground we get the very unique tasting and flavorful spice of organic sweet paprika. Also, organic sweet paprika is plentiful in other nutritious vitamins as well.


Organic paprika, a rusty reddish brown color, adds abundant flavor and color to regular dishes. Organic paprika is stereotypically a spicy hot spice, but it can also be sweeter and much milder in taste. This tasty spice is mainly used in stews, soups, and rice. With the help of organic paprika, a special aroma, taste and color can enhance any ordinary meal. Paprika is used in many countries in many dishes, it is a worldwide spice.


Fun fact: SDA Spice provides the freshest organically grown paprika that is rich in Vitamin C. Some studies have suggested that the Vitamin C in organic paprika is even greater than that contained in orange juice.


Our organic paprika tastes sweet and a special aroma comes from this fine powder. Even so, paprika can be smoked and used on various types of meats, commonly used on chicken adding a smoky and spicy flavor. .



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