organic dill


Organic Dill

As we know, dill is most common when used in pickling. However, organically grown dill (courtesy of SDA Spicy Company) can be also used in flavoring just the same as dill and dill seeds.


One method of using organic dill is by using the dill tops. These are rough and many vary in shapes and sizes. Like regular dill (and dill seeds) the organic dill top has the same tangy and green-like flavor. All parts, seeds and roots, have a long shelf life so if pickling isn’t in your near future, no worries, organic dill tops will stay fresh and pure when ready to be used. SDA’s organic dill will not contain any animal products, gluten, MSG or antioxidants.


Organic dill is perfect for vegetarians, vegans or diabetics. This organically grown herb is free from any other chemicals and pesticides. Therefore, the organic dill produced by SDA Spicy Company is pure and fresh to meet the highest standards.



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