organic herbs


Organic Herbs

SDA Spice supplies an ideal line of organic herbs. Organic, meaning these herbs are free from any chemicals, making them the freshest and purest herbs available to you. Organic herbs show some very valuable benefits for the body and the environment.

Our organic herbs are free from chemicals and pesticides and are not genetically modified. Our herbs are pure and true to their name, meaning that no genetically altering processes have taken place when harvesting our herbs. SDA ensures that our organic herbs are 100% pure herb.

We encourage the production and purchase or organic herbs because our organic farms are much better for the environment. With organic farming, no harmful chemicals and pesticides get into our air, soil or water.

Interesting facts on organic farming: sustains the populations of plants (our herbs) and uses less energy and does not produce as much waste as conventional farming.

When choosing the best products, SDA Spice makes that an easy decision for you. With the very best organically grown herbs, you are helping not only your body but the environment.

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