During the holidays, rosemary makes for a beautiful wreath and also will provide an aroma perfect for the holiday seasons. However, rosemary has many other uses as well.


Coming from the Lamiaceae family (or the mint family) rosemary is a perennial herb and the leaves resemble evergreen needles. Thriving mostly in the summer rosemary is also able to grow indoors and in warm-winter areas. Rosemary is capable of growing fairly large (anywhere from 2-8 inches) which is why many people trim them down.


Rosemary can be seen as having many different color blooms. They could be white, pink, purple or even blue making this plant very attractive and used decoratively.


Foods commonly seasoned with rosemary: chicken, pastas, sauces, and lamb. The stem (woody) is commonly used in barbeques!


Since most herbs are shown to have health benefits, rosemary does also. Rosemary is abundant in iron and calcium, both very beneficial to the human body. Not only does herb rosemary carry vital minerals but rosemary is said to have impressive affects on improving memory.


Interesting fact: the stem of rosemary herbs are used in barbeque settings!.



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