Hyssop (Za'atar)

Hyssop, different from most herbs, takes the form of a shrub and thrives best in summer conditions where the air is dry and the sun is abundant. Physically, hyssop can grow to approximately 60 cm and houses small bluish flowers toward the top of the plant. These flowers are produced on the upper branches of the hyssop plant during the summer. The leaves, which are small, narrow, and green in color, can produce a mint-like flavor.


Attracting both bees and butterflies to its savory aroma, hyssop has a number of helpful remedies for the body. The leaves are helpful in stress and tension relief. Also, the plant has been shown to be beneficial in disorders of the cardio vascular system. That being said, hyssop is essential in regulating high or low blood pressure, a common problem of Americans today!


With the help of SDA Spice, we can readily supply the best hyssop herbs which not only treats cardiovascular problems but also a number of other common diseases today. The leaves can be a useful aid in digestion, asthma, and various other lunch conditions. Not to mention, hyssop can be used as a sleep aid and a cough suppressant!


Family: Lamiaceae Common uses: hyssop tea, natural remedy for respiratory problems, can be used in food favoring for salads, meet, pasta, bread, cheese and vegetables. .


Trade Varieties: Large Flakes (1-8), Powder


Seasonality: April – October


Availability: Conventional



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