Spinach is an annual plant, coming from the Amaranthaceae family; it may grow to be 30 cm in height. Surprisingly enough, this plant can thrive over the winter months. The plant is home to alternative leaf styling which is larger at the bottom of the plant and smaller towards the top. Also, spinach has yellowish, green flowers that can grow to have fruit like clusters that contain the seeds of the plant.


SDA Spice introduces one of the healthiest plants today, spinach. this plant has been on the rise in consumption in the United States. Spinach has a high nutritional value and has many different methods of use that anyone can enjoy the iron rich flavor it provides.


There are a few types of spinach sold today. Savory spinach is the kind most commonly seen in everyday supermarkets. They are sold in bunches and have a dark green appearance. The leaf type can be canned or frozen and is typically used in baby foods and soup. Finally, the semi-savory type of spinach is similar to that of savory and has the same texture.


The nutritional values of spinach can drop significantly if not used within a few days but refrigeration can slow this process significantly.


Common Usages of Spinach: Spinach is an important ingredient in pasta products such as noodles and ravioli filling. It provides a unique flavor in seasoning blends, food coatings, herb blends and sauce mixes. It is an innovative and attractive addition to rice and potato dishes, salad dressings, dry dips and soup mixes. It provides a flavor and color enhancement to low-sodium and low-calorie bland dishes.


Trade Varieties: Large Flakes (1-8), Powder


Seasonality: January – June


Availability: Conventional, organic



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