Spice plays a similar role to herbs. We can use spice for many of the same purposes: food flavoring, medicinal and spiritual. However, spice also differs itself from herbs in a few ways. We can use spice for cosmetic functions and also perfumes. Our company produces a variety of spices that enable you to have access to those many purposes.

Spice used in flavoring differs slightly from the characteristics of herbs. Most distinctly, we use a different part of the plant to get our spices (and flavoring). Spice comes from the nuts, seeds, berries, stems or bark, and roots (rather than the leaves). Spice set itself apart from herbs as it provides a stronger, zestier and more exotic taste.

Common spice in foods: sweet paprika, cinnamon, gloves, ginger

There are a number of spices that have been used in medicinal ways. Spice has been said to relieve health related problems ranging from athletes foot to a cold or flu. Both herbs and spice have been shown to help in relieving these health related problems. SDA Spice provides you with the best spice (and herbs) to help alleviate these problem areas.

Common spice used for health purposes: cinnamon, ginger, cloves

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