As produced by SDA Spice, herbs play a major role in various areas of our lives. Whether that is in the food we eat, control of pests, health cures, religious reasons or otherwise, herbs are in incessant demand. Though many don’t know the difference between herbs and spices, it is easy to indentify. Herbs come from the leafy parts of a plant and can be used fresh or dry. SDA specializes in dehydrated herbs and spices.

Most commonly, herbs are used in the kitchen. We use many of these herbs to provide an extra splash of flavor to ours foods. With the products produced by SDA Spice, we can do just that using ours freshly dehydrated herbs. Today we can see parsley, cilantro, tarragon, basil and rosemary supplying plentiful flavor in our foods.

Common herbs in food: Parsley, Cilantro, Dill and Zaatar (produced by SDA Spice!)

Not only do we focus on flavor, but herbs are also used for health purposes. These home remedies can help to relieve stress and also reduce depression and for this reason are found in tea and holistic products throughout the world.

Herbs used for health purposes: Dill, Parsley, Tarragon (all produced by SDA Spice!)

On a less common note, herbs are used for sacred purposes and also as pest control. Hinduism is said to use basil as a holy plant. Bet you didn’t think about that as you seasoned your spaghetti sauce! Also gardeners are using herbs to control pests. Good thing about this type of control is herbs are not harmful to living creatures, so it’s safe to use in the household without worrying about toxic consumption by children or animals.

Common herbs used as pest control: peppermint, mint, spearmint

SDA Spice gives the very best tasting herbs to help you produce the most flavorful foods possible. With the help of SDA we have access to a variety of herbs that we can use for a variety of things.

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